Things To Do When Facing A Tax Levy

Hiring the number one Tax Levy Lawyer

If you’re facing a levied IRS account, hiring a lawyer is essential. A lawyer has the knowledge and experience to file formal motions and legal appeals on your behalf. If these attempts are unsuccessful, they can take your case to a court of law, where it is often possible to obtain favorable case precedent. A good lawyer is also skilled in negotiation, which is vital to winning a case against the IRS. At Defense Tax Partners Stamford, we can help you fight the IRS, including the U.S. Tax Court. Our attorneys are seasoned and knowledgeable and have successfully represented taxpayers for over two decades.

The IRS can seize your property when you fail to pay your debts. They are entitled to do this even if the property is owned by someone else. Whether the property belongs to you or someone else, a levy can make dealing with your tax problem more difficult and expensive. Hiring an attorney with extensive experience in tax law is essential. If you’ve received a notice of levy, it is critical that you act promptly and hire the number one Tax Levy Lawyer in CT to defend your rights and negotiate a favorable settlement.

If you receive a tax levy, your rights are at stake. You may be required to surrender your property, and an attorney can help you fight the levy. Tax lawyers can negotiate with the IRS and secure a release of the lien, or negotiate a different method to pay back the money. In addition to helping you fight a tax levy, they may discover a lien that relates to another property. A tax lawyer can help you fight for the removal of this lien, and get your property back on the market.

It is critical to check whether the attorney actually represents you, and not just another client. Some companies use salespeople to handle their clients’ cases and tell them what they think they want to hear, and then hand them off to someone who tells them a completely different story. If you want to be certain that the person handling your case is representing you, ask to communicate with them directly with the IRS. If you can’t, you’ll probably never get the resolution that you deserve.

Another important factor to consider when hiring a tax attorney is the fee. Some attorneys charge by the hour, but you can negotiate a flat fee. However, you should be aware that the flat fee option is not right for every taxpayer. A tax attorney will charge you more money if you hire an attorney by the hour. But, you may have to spend more than you expected on the case. Depending on the complexity of your case, you may be able to get an attorney at a reduced rate if you work with a tax lawyer.

If you’re facing a tax levied, hiring an attorney who understands the IRS and its procedures is essential. Otherwise, you may end up facing penalties and fees if your tax return is filed late. Fortunately, you don’t have to pay anything immediately if you hire the number one Tax Levy Lawyer. The attorneys at Ivey McClellan will work to ensure that the federal tax lien is discharged while carefully evaluating state seizure provisions.