Since it’s inception, Aquidneck Island Christian Academy has been primarily sustained by the volunteer efforts of Christian parents and teachers. Without the dedicated service of the families of  AICA, our Christian School Ministry would not be possible. The foundation of the AICA Volunteer Ministry is the biblical mandate that parents bear the primary responsibility for their child’s education (Deut. Chap 6-8, In addition, we believe a Christian School Ministry is an extension of the home. Thus, volunteer involvement is a parent’s biblical responsibility.

We realize volunteer commitment will vary due to family size and schedules. But we would kindly request each family to prayerfully consider how they might become involved with the AICA family through our Volunteer Ministry.


We have been encouraged by the following benefits from the AICA Volunteer Ministry:

1. The Bible teaches all believers have been given gifts and talents for the building up and encouragement of the body of Christ (Ephesians 4:16). We believe God, before the foundations of the earth, created good works for every  believer to walk in for His own glory (Ephesians 2:10). We have witnessed the faithful service of our AICA parents serve the body of Christ and become a faithful testimony to the teaching staff and students by using their God-given gifts on behalf of the ministry to others.


2. The AICA Administration is greatly encouraged. Volunteers help to carry out the countless tasks necessary to the daily life and operation of a Christian school ministry.


3. Tuition costs remain affordable. If AICA were to hire additional staff necessary to undertake the tasks that the Volunteer Staff can accomplish, our costs would be greater and we would have to raise student tuitions.


4. An effective Volunteer Ministry has a significant impact on the long-term stability of the school.  As the AICA administration and parent community work together, we are given the opportunity to demonstrate a biblical model of Christlikeness, living and carrying out the Word of God in and among our relationships with one another.


Please see the list and descriptions of our volunteer opportunities in the Volunteer Handbook.

PDF Volunteer Handbook 15-16

PDF Volunteer Application