pp Click Here to view a Power Point Presentation of our SCRIP Program.  This slide show will explain the basics of the program, how to create an account, and the many benefits to AICA.

SCRIP is an organized program of vendors who will give percentage returns to our school simply for buying products you would buy anyway.  Grocery stores, most department stores, and many OnLine vendors participate.  What we must do is purchase SCRIP cards in advance of our expenditure (they work like gift cards) and we can gleen 4-20% back for AICA!  All it takes is a sign up process and a bit of planning.

It is easy to sign up!

See the green box for Family sign up and fill in blanks to create acct.
Please ask for secure Enrollment Code.
Set up Presto Pay-This takes 2 days. You will receive 2 small deposits in your bank acct
Go to Shop With Scrip acct to verify so they know they have the right acct.  This is for security purposes.
(You will enter the amounts of the two deposits)
That’s it!  Once you are verified, you can begin ordering.  Go to the SHOP tab and see hundreds of companies!
Here are the order dates for 2017:
February 27,  March 27,  May 1,  June 5

Benefits For Families:

  • Convenience – Order scrip, an online fund raising website, from home or office
  • Accuracy – families can only order valid products – no wrong denominations or retailers
  • Better information – families can see their own purchase history, and the status of their orders

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