The following testimonies are from the hearts of parents of the students that attended our academy.

Amongst all the decisions I have made for my son, AICA is the best decision I have made.  Here he is given the opportunity to learn, grow and mature academically as well as spiritually.  The teachers and staff cater to the whole child, not just part.  He is loved…he is accepted…and because of this…the platform for learning and success are a reality.  This reminds me of a scripture; “…where the spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom” -2 Corinthians 3:17.   I can go on and on and on about how God has opened this door and blessed us with this opportunity, but I will just say that everyday when I drop Jakeem off, I am overwhelmed with peace, peace knowing that, I don’t know about the rest of my day looks like, the trials, the errors.. but this, this, is the best decision I’ve made all day.  I’m forever grateful to all of you. –Maria Colon, parent
 AICA did a wonderful job preparing our three children for college. They each received phenomenal academic scholarships to the schools of their choice and are performing extremely well. AICA’s focus on the basics, of teaching a student to learn using the classical model, to write well, and to think critically has provided them with an excellent education. The supportive family atmosphere helped them to grow with confidence and gave them the leadership skills needed to succeed in life. Highly recommend AICA! –Nancy Semco, parent
There is so much more to the Academy than a grade on a report card.  The teachers have relationships with these students and are vested in the emotional, spiritual and academic maturity of each student.  These close relationships are what prompt the students to want to achieve goals and please these teachers.  This is the difference between AICA and other private schools.  I have one child who is fearless and one that is shy.  My shy child did not want to get up in front of the student body or parents to speak, sing or act.  The teachers gently coaxed him to face his fears and learn how to approach uncomfortable tasks so that it becomes second nature.  If our children never learn to conquer tasks they don’t want to do they are going to have a very hard time in life. It is absolute that they need to learn to push through tasks they don’t desire and fears that keep them from moving forward in their maturity.  The continual practice of accomplishing tasks they fear not only yields a confident child, but one that begins to realize the sky is the limit to their accomplishments.  This school produces graduating seniors that are mature young adults able to carry on conversations with adults (imagine that!) and express and defend their opinions and beliefs in a manner that is not the norm in today’s average teenager.  This is a unique and special school. –Cynthia Levenson, parent
AICA has been such a blessing! The small class sizes are wonderful and the teachers are amazing! My daughter is gaining so much knowledge on not just academics but the Bible as well. She loves talking to us about the stories she learns and she’s beginning to relate them to real life lessons. Take a tour and you won’t be disappointed! –Jamie Jacobs, parent
My daughter is so happy in this family-like Christian school. I love how there are small classes, and loving teachers who care about the kids as individuals. My daughter is blossoming in her faith and education and we plan on keeping her there until she graduates. My son will go here as well once he’s old enough! –Carrie Oceana, parent

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